SCADA Power Distribution Solution (SCADA PDS ) introduction

VINSYS Smart Power Distribution Solution (SCADA PDS)

The difficulties in managing low-power grid

In Vietnam, a local power companies operates from 50 to 100 low-power electric cabinets. Those cabinets are distributed in an area having range from 5 to 11 kilometers. In each cabinet there are power meters (PM) to measure data such as U, I, P, Q.

Some difficulties in managing low-power grid:

– There are a lot of distributed electric cabinets but workers are managing them manually. They have to go onsite to control the circuit-breaker in each cabinet.

– Operators at SCADA center don’t know which cabinet are having power-off state because there has not been any way to monitor cabinets in real-time.

– It is difficult to make end-of-month detail reports about the operation of the grid because the information is on hand-books of many workers.

Those difficulties lead us to develop SCADA PDS solution

System benefits

Monitor and control power cabinets 24/7 in real time at SCADA center, do not need to go onsite.

Get alarms instantly when having power issues therefore reduce downtime on the grid.

Get detail operation reports in every period of time with one click. This feature shows the dephasing status on the grid for operators.

System main functions

Smart Gateway functions include:
– Read data from PM using Modbus
– Convert to IEC 60870-5-104
– Send data through Wifi/Ethernet3G/4G periodically
– Be controlled from SCADA center
Web application functions include:
– Store data for analysis and report
– Manage smart gateways from each cabinet.
– Manage user roles
– Alert abnormal events by SMS

Here are some system interface images

Fig 2. Electric low power cabinets on Google Map

Fig 3. Electric data collected from cabinets shown on the web

Figure 4. List of electric cabinets in the Control panel

This video describes more detail on the solution:


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