About us

  • VINSYS Technologies is a professional company in IoT smart solutions development. Since 2017 we have helped many companies in Vietnam to increase their labor productivity with our services. We are now focusing on developing IoT solutions for the industry, especially for electric power grid management (SCADA).
  • VINSYS has a laboratory in a University to do research on IoT technologies and then apply the results in our partner companies for prototypes testing. After that we get the feedback from them to continue developing our commenced product.
  • Our main product is SCADA PDS – a smart power distribution management solution for energy sector. We also provide training services for corporates on IoT technologies and cybersecurity such as IoT connecting things course, IoT security, IoT and Data Analytic course.
  • With our experienced engineers in electric, automation and IT we believe to provide excellent products for customers.
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Hoàng Mạnh Đức

Founder, VINSYS Chairman
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